Funny side effect of filling a 6 inch cube with solid resin: It gets HEAVY AS SHIT.  Who’da thought it.  I originally planned for this manateefish critter to hang on a wall, but now I’m not sure.  Maybe if you make sure to find a stud… But drywall? I don’t know about that.

An update about some logistics of the Dubious Beasts: Symbiosis show— 

So this show is part of a festival in Cannon Beach called the Spring Unveiling.  This means that the show will be mostly open to the public on Friday, May 2 (That’s the day Shing and I are going to be hanging out, making art for a demo at 3pm).  BUT! There will be some pieces that are going to be covered until the actual unveiling, which happens on Saturday at 11:30am, followed that evening by a reception from 5-8pm (with drinks from Cannon Beach Distillery and Bill’s Tavern Brewhouse).

So for online people who are interested in buying pieces from afar, it’ll go like this: Most artwork will be available Friday morning when we open for the show, both online and in-store. But selected “Unveiling” pieces will be available online only after they are unveiled, and those will go online Sunday.

Got all that? :)

Anonymous asked:

First, congratulations on getting your manatee in an aquarium! Secondly, what was the method you ended up using to get it to work well? It looks amazing from what you've shown us.

Hi! Thanks! The method from the first time was essentially sound: I put the box face-down and start layering from the front, installing the creature about halfway through.  The problem I had that time was that I ended up with a layer of very cloudy resin right in the middle, and it looked super odd.  But I learned that warming the resin slightly when mixing prevents that, so now we’re good to go! 

surfacetobreathe asked:

Im an art student in london and Im in love with your beasties! I'm experimenting with clay at the moment and I was just wondering how you get the eyes of some of your beasties so shiny! thank you xx

Hello! Thanks so much!  For those shiny black eyes, I like to use a glossy black enamel.  Of course, you can’t use enamel on any kind of polymer clay, so be sure you’re using Magic Sculpt or something like that.