Well hello! Today I am rested, hydrated, and not grumpy. And I have a place to be!

I will be at Lyla Warren’s table in small press. That’s N-05. Starting at 11am, going till… I run out of the handful I’ve got. They’re $50 each. And they’re all pre-bundled up. So I’m going to say please unwrap no more than 3, okay? Or just go blind box style! That’s fun, right?

So come see me and Lyla! You won’t be sad you saw her adorable creature art.

So I guess tomorrow I’ll post up somewhere with the 18 Beastlies I have. Where should I go? Someplace that won’t mind me hanging around doing shady, under-the-table Beastlie deals… Maybe someplace where I can buy foods and drinks? I don’t know what place that would be.

Convention report, day one.

3:00. Arrived. It feels very weird not to have a table. Visited the people in Small Press that I like.
3:30. Fighting through the crush of people. Oh right, I’d almost forgotten how difficult is it to get around.
4:00. Maybe I’m grumpy because I skipped lunch. Find food.
4:30. No, still grumpy. I buy a t shirt because I’m so sweaty I want to change. Gross.
5:00. Do I hate this? Maybe I hate this. Is it because I’m old?
5:30. I bump into a lovely pair of Beastlie collectors that I see every year. It’s great to see them and have a chat! They buy a Beastlie from me. Yay! Feeling a bit better.
6:00. Try to rest by leaning against a wall in an empty hallway. Chased away by a security guy who says I can’t be there. They’re very strict about what walls you can be near this year. Grumpy again.



I originally posted this on Facebook and the story proved resonant enough that I wanted to extend its reach as far as I can. The more people it helps the less upset I am that it happened.

Guys, I just had a truly bad day. I wouldn’t normally post about it on Facebook, but I feel like the lesson…

"Treat yourself like an equal of the people you admire." This is my friend Lauren.  She’s a creative powerhouse in terms of writing, film, theater, and that sort of thing.  When I saw her post this on FB this morning, it really got in my head.  CREATIVE PEOPLE (but also other folks), ESPECIALLY WOMEN (but also dudes): Most of us have this kind of thing in our brains.  It’s hard. I know it.  So take Lauren’s words and think on them.

As was probably clear from recent posts, I will be transitioning from the Etsy shop to a new platform very soon. I’m working on getting everything perfect before I launch it, but I hope you’ll bear with me through any possible adjustment period! And please let me know if things are bugging you about the new shop once it gets going (if it’s not a good fit, I’ll want to know so I can find another platform and build a new one).

In my mind, these guys are variations on a single species.  Like, they’re something Darwin would have been making sketches of.

"The guppins on the east side of the island have long snoots for drinking nectar, while the guppins on the south side have flat faces and bumpy spines for elaborate territorial displays…"

clockways replied to your post: Continued progress on the customizatio…

I’m curious how much you feel this has improved your work flow working off bases. Will these be cast as a series or stay one offs?

I’m really liking it!  It does streamline the process significantly to have the basic shape done, plus it’s a fun exercise to come up with as many variations on the same base as I can (well, 30 of them anyway. That’s how many I’ve got to work with).  These won’t be cast, I’ll be selling them as a limited edition of customized thingies.

Now I just need to come up with a name for the project and all that. They’re not Beastlies… I’ve got a couple names I like, but none of them feel like they’re quite there.






These minikin aquariums that I posted about last night are going up in the shop right about now.

Are those real fish? I feel like that tank is far too small to healthily support  these pretty creatures. 

No, I’m a sculptor. These are not real fish.

wow, beautiful work then. very believable.  

Thanks! I don’t usually try for realism, so I’m always a little surprised when people are “fooled.”  Real sea creatures are pretty unbelievable all on their own, though, so maybe that explains it.

If I were you I’d spring for my own website. Square, perhaps?

I’ve already got Beastlies.com, so I’m hoping whatever shop I end up with will integrate into that better than Etsy. It’s currently a bit of a mess. All I can do is use a little widget and link to my shop. Not ideal. Square is an option, though I think it’s more expensive than Storenvy, so I’ll need to see what they offer to make it worth it.